It all sounds great, but what does this app actually do?

With our TIOLI app you can scan product barcodes to find out if other users with the same intolerance profile as you have tolerated the product. You can also rate products you have tried and help other people with food intolerances. With our newest feature you can also comment on products and get useful answers.

I have seen some apps with similar functions. What makes this app better?

The product ratings and recommendations in the TIOLI App are based on experiences of other users with the same profile. The more users use the app, the more reliable the ratings are. When you scan a product and see how many other users with the same profile as you have tolerated the product, you can then decide if you want to try the product or not.

Why do I need to register with my e-mail adress and passwort?

EnWe want to make it possible for you to our app on multiple devices. With a good password, your data will also be better protected from others. The app also gives you the opportunity to rate products based on your food intolerances. We want to reduce the number of fake ratings by only including registered and confirmed users in the rating function.

How often will app updates be released to App Store and Google Play?

We are working on providing our users many different features to help them in their daily lives with food intolerances and we release an update every 2 weeks to App Store and Google Play. Contact us with any new feature ideas! We are always open for suggestions.

Try it out now!

Download for free in App Store and in Google Play.*

*available for download in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, other countries coming up soon.

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